Precise Spatial Multiplexing for Immune Profiling
Featuring the ChipCytometry™ CellScape™ Platform

Join one of our upcoming seminars to learn how ChipCytometry can be used to identify and quantify immune cell types in FFPE and fresh frozen tissue as well as cell suspensions. A novel, highly multiplexed technology that preserves both plex and spatial context to deeply profile immune cell diversity at single-cell resolution, ChipCytometry uses commercially available antibodies and combines iterative immuno-fluorescent staining with high-dynamic range imaging to profile dozens of protein biomarkers in a single specimen.

What you will learn:

• The arc of ChipCytometry – how the technology has evolved to advance spatial biology
• ChipCytometry in Practice – how it has been used in assay development and clinical research
• The next generation of ChipCytometry – how the CellScape instrument elevates spatial analysis


Thank you to all attendees who joined our completed sessions!

• January 23 - London - UCL Cancer Institute
• January 24 - Oxford - University of Oxford
• January 26 - Stockholm - Karolinska Institutet

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