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2022 Spatial Fest: Exploring the Landscape with ChipCytometry™

Thursday, March 3, 11am-12:30pm CST

ChipCytometry™ is a novel precise spatial multiplexing imaging platform with the potential to advance precision medicine in immuno-oncology and inform the discovery of novel biomarkers. By combining iterative immuno-fluorescent staining with high-dynamic range imaging, ChipCytometry™ facilitates quantitative phenotyping with single-cell resolution. The platform enables simultaneous detection of multiple markers on a single tissue section and enables accurate quantification of protein expression levels which are necessary to deeply profile single cells, understand interactions between key immune populations, and identify topographic biomarkers.

Join us for this special event highlighting the latest advancements to ChipCytometry™.

What you will learn:

  • The arc of ChipCytometry™ – how the technology has evolved to advance spatial biology
  • ChipCytometry™ in Practice – how it has been used in assay development and clinical research
  • The next generation of ChipCytometry™ – an exciting announcement


Thomas Campbell, Ph.D.

Product Manager, Spatial Biology

Canopy Biosciences



Sebastian Jarosch

PhD Student

Institute for Immunology, TU Munich


Sarah Harris

Head, GI and Neurology Translational Medicine

Bristol Myers Squibb


Rachel E. Maddux, Ph.D.

Translational Medicine

Bristol Myers Squibb


Spencer Schwarz, MS

Product Manager, ChipCytometry™ Instrumentation

Canopy Biosciences