Explore Cellular Landscapes Like Never Before
NextGenOmics 2023  •  NOV 9-10  •  London, UK Booth 13

We empower innovation by providing access to cutting-edge spatial biology and multi-omic tools so biomedical researchers can drive scientific discovery faster.

Our proprietary technology ChipCytometry™ is a quantitative multiplex immunofluorescence imaging method for the spatial analysis of complex tissues and mapping of cell populations with single-cell resolution. Supported by Canopy Spatial Services™ with our CLIA-certified laboratory, we provide a unique collection of spatial and single-cell technologies that accelerate the understanding of cellular diversity and interaction.


Featured Presentation:

November 10th at 9:30 AM

Presenter: Dr. Paru Oatey

Highly Multiplexed Imaging with ChipCytometry™ an Open Source Solution to High Throughput Phenotyping

Highly multiplexed spatial biomarker analysis has demonstrated the potential to advance our current understanding of the immune system and its role in cancer – from tumour initiation to metastatic progression. ChipCytometry is a novel, highly multiplexed technology that preserves both plex and spatial context to deeply profile immune cell diversity at single-cell 
resolution. ChipCytometry uses commercially available antibodies and combines cyclic immuno-fluorescent staining with high-dynamic range imaging to profile dozens of protein biomarkers in a single specimen.

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