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GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling

Quickly access spatial biology with our GeoMx Service.

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Spatial vs molecular

Spatial resolution meets molecular profiling.

Biology-based segmentation and visualization paired with molecular profiling techniques result in a powerful gene expression tool. Spatial resolution of the changes in your tissue samples allow for precise assessment of your experimental system, identification of targeted biomarkers, and minute differences in tumor and the TME.

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A simple workflow for complex assays

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Molecular interrogation of cancer biology.

Understand the efficacy of immunotherapies is increasingly important as researchers look for targeted treatments. With 7 modules and a core panel focused on IO targets, GeoMx Protein assays capture morphological details and spatial context along with gene expression data from precious IO samples. GeoMx enables precision in IO studies with characterization of tumor cell populations and identifying novel biomarkers to target.


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Modular approach to high plex.

Expand the number of markers you can profile on a single tissue section with NanoString's GeoMx panelscovering up to 80 protein targets per assay. Mix and match modules for a relevant experiment for your research model. More markers and validated assays saves time and money, getting results faster.


The Spatial Biology Solution™.

The GeoMx DSP platform is a flexible spatial solution for your discovery or translational research needs. This technology performs simultaneous in situ spatial analysis of proteins  from a single tissue section.  Focused regions of interest shed light on the true biology of your sample. Explore biology with more targets and analytes than ever before, getting publishable data faster.

Looking for single cell resolution? Check out our ChipCytometry services.

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Send your samples

Ship us your FFPE slides or blocks. Let us know which morphology markers you wish to stain with.


Select your ROIs

Select your

Select the ROIs for each sample based the morphology images. The images will be provided and one of our team is available to help with the ROI selection.

Review your data

Review your

Once the read out is completed the data will be provided. One of our team members will be available to review the data portal  and quality control analysis.