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GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling

Quickly access spatial biology with our GeoMx Service.

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Canopy's digital spatial profiling service for NanoString's GeoMx platform enables morphologically-guided gene expression profiling of tissue using their predesigned panels. You provide tissue blocks or slides for processing, select your panel, and select the readout method- we take care of the rest! 

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1800 targets in a single sample.

Canopy's GeoMx Service includes the Cancer Transcriptome Atlas (CTA). This NGS panel is designed to comprehensively profile the tumor, tumor microenvironment, and tumor immune status. Target over 1800 genes simultaneously with spatial resolution in any region of interest from a single tissue section using GeoMx DSP.

Interested in Protein?  Check out the portfolio and workflow here!

Cancer Transcriptome Atlas
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Interrogate the Whole Transcriptome.

NanoString's Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA) panel is the perfect tool for transcriptome interrogation.  With 18,000+ human targets and 21,000+ mouse targets (coming soon), these panels unlock new pathways to be explored and enable profiling in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and developmental biology.

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A simple workflow for complex assays

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Spatial analysis of proteins or RNA in tissue

The Spatial Biology Solution™.

The GeoMx DSP platform is a flexible spatial solution for your discovery or translational research needs. This technology performs simultaneous in situ spatial analysis of proteins or mRNAs from a single tissue section.  Focused regions of interest shed light on the true biology of your sample. Explore biology with more targets and analytes than ever before, getting publishable data faster.

Looking for single cell resolution? Check out our ChipCytometry services.

Regional biology, focused analysis.

Get more data out of each sample by selecting multiple regions of interest. ROIs from the different sections of the tumor and microenvironment are analyzed individually to provide a clear picture of what is happening biologically where. A focused picture of the biology of your sample- faster than ever before with Canopy's GeoMx services.


Regions of interest with morphology markers in tissue sample

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Send us your samples

Send your samples

Ship us your FFPE slides or blocks. Let us know which morphology markers you wish to stain with.


Select your ROIs

Select your

Select the ROIs for each sample based the morphology images. The images will be provided and one of our team is available to help with the ROI selection.

Review your data

Review your

Once the read out is completed - nCounter or NGS- the data will be provided. One of our team members will be available to review the data portal  and quality control analysis.