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FFPE Biomarkers Panel Table

New: 16-plex Spatial Immune Cell Phenotyping Assay

You can get a detailed look at the immune cell composition of your FFPE samples by quantitatively phenotyping more than 20 immune cell types. Uncover the spatial distributions of key immune cell populations and visualize tissue architecture.

Precise Spatial Phenotyping

ChipCytometry combines high-quality imaging with advanced image analysis software to enable a truly quantitative measure of each marker in your assay for every individual cell in your sample.

Human CRC Marker Strips
FFPE CRC Quantification

From Image to Dot Plot

Convert image data into quantitative flow-like dot plots and phenotype each cell in your sample individually—whether it is a tissue sample or PBMCs.


The ZellScannerONE is a benchtop imaging system that allows you to bring the power of ChipCytometry to your lab. 

ZellScannerONE Instrument Drawing

Clinical Services

Take your clinical trial to the next level with Canopy Bioscience’s Clinical Service Team. With our ChipCytometry clinical service, you can perform deep phenotyping on tissue samples or PBMCs from clinical trial patients.